How to Invest in Esports

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How to Invest in Esports

Post autor: venda » 2021-11-11, 00:47

How to Invest in Esports
The esports industry is one of the fastest growing and high—margin in the world. It generates solid revenues and attracts the attention of tech giants. Hundreds of millions of people follow the action and tactical geeks in virtual battles. Esports matches already attract more viewers than baseball, hockey, basketball championships and some elite European football leagues.
Esports is promising due to the junction of three highly profitable industries: sports, shows and technologies. All this allows us to transform the industry into a powerful and high-margin ecosystem with many players. The industry itself is growing at a high rate mainly due to the growth in the number of gamers and high activity of the audience: popular online games do not have very high system requirements — they can be installed on virtually any modern computer.
How to Invest in Esports
Unlike football, esports has not yet come under the influence of bureaucrats and state institutions, which allows large manufacturers of games and gaming peripherals to turn this sport into a powerful business. Most esports events are funded by gaming companies, equipment manufacturers, and even bookmakers. Sponsorship contracts and the rights to show cyber events are the main source of income for independent organizers and such high prize money for winners. For example, the Fortnite World Cup prize fund is $ 30 million.
According to Newzoo estimates, the revenue of the esports industry will grow from $947.1 million to $1084 million from 2019 to 2021. 75% of the annual revenue for 2021 is revenue from sponsorship and displays of esports competitions. Newzoo analysts predict that the revenue of the esports industry will amount to about $ 1.617 billion by 2024. The audience will grow by 10.1% to about 728.8 million, according to Newzoo's forecast. The most important market for esports is China, which accounts for about 25% of all revenue in the industry. China is followed by the United States, together they generate about 50% of revenue in the industry.